Introduction to the iMotions Community

The iMotions global community is a place for users of iMotions to connect and share their knowledge and experiences. It is also a place where you can show what you are working on and what your skills are to other like-minded researchers around the world and build a strong network for further research collaborations and knowledge sharing.

Quick Introduction

Community Tutorial


How to register

Registration to the community is open to all customers of iMotions. In order to sign up please go to this link and fill out the form. You will be asked to create a user name and password and can afterward use this to login into the community by going to

Setting up your profile

You can access your profile from the menu top right or by clicking on your username.

You can edit and add information to your profile such as your name, contact information, social media accounts, workplace and if you have a lab on the research map you can display a link to this page.

You can add skills that can help other members understand what you are good at when looking at your profile. You can either select from the listed skills or simple add new ones by writing in the field.

Profile picture and Cover image
Make sure to add a profile image and if you want a cover image to make your profile look the way you want. The file formats supported are JPG and PNG, and for profile images please make sure they are 128px by 128px large as a minimum. For the Cover image an ideal minimum width is 1200px.

How to control who can see your profile

You decide who can see what information on your profile. You might only want members you have added as friends to see your contact information or similar. To do this simply click ‘change’ next to the text for “this field can be seen by” which can be found under each input field.


There are two kinds of forums. The forums are normally accessible to everyone and are freely available to post on. There are some that are gated such as the Academy Forum.

Subscribing to a forum

Subscribing to a forum is easy. The only thing you need to do is to click the little “Subscribe” button on the top right-hand corner of a given forum. When someone posts a comment or replies to you, you will receive an email at the address you signed up with.

Problems with uploading files

Most common file types have been allowed for upload but you may find that the you are trying to upload doesn’t meet the requirements. If this is the case you can zip the file, or upload the file to a cloud drive and share a link to the file. The maximum file size allowed for upload to the community is 120mb.


How to make a group

To set up a group, go to the tab in the top bar which says “Groups”. Click the green “Create a Group” button. This takes you to the setup menu where you be prompted to enter information about the group you are creating. Once you have added the name of the group, and a description, click “Create group and continue“. This takes you to step number 2, where you will have to add what setting you want to apply to your group. You have to toggle the level of privacy and invite privileges you want for the group.

Adding a forum to your group

Step number 3, is where you decide if you want to add a forum to your group. If you want a forum attached to your group for easy and convenient communication between the various group members, simply check the box named “Yes. I want this group to have a forum” if you leave it box unchecked your group will not have a forum.

Inviting members to your group

Once you have decided which images you want for your group (Step 4 & 5 in the setup process) you will, as the last step, be prompted about which people you wish to invite to the group. To choose the lucky members simply go through the list provided on the page and click the “+” icon to the right of each community member. If you know who you want to join already, and are not in the mood for browsing you can also use the search function on the top of the page. Once you have done that, press the “finish” button, and you will have created your own group! Congratulations.

Private Groups

If you want to have full control of who can access your group you can set its visibility and access as private. This will prevent other people from joining the group without having been invited first. Privacy options can be set after the group has been given a name and description. It is also possible for a group admin to change the privacy settings of the group after it has been created by going to ‘Manage’ from the group menu.


Buying and Selling

The Community Marketplace is designed to work exactly like the forums we described earlier.

There are two dedicated forums for buying and selling hardware respectively. Choose the appropriate Forum for what you wish to do (Buying/Selling). If you want to engage with a seller or a buyer of a specific piece of hardware, you can choose to either post on the forum thread or if you click their user profile, you can send them a message directly if you prefer.

If you are selling a piece of hardware, remember that it is your responsibility that the hardware is in working order.

Freelance Services

In the Freelance Services forum, you can make your skills available for purchasing, collaborations, or just helping.

Needless to say, the services you offer should be directly applicable to human behavior research using biosensors – Ideally using iMotions.

Messaging other members

To message another member of the community simply click their name anywhere you see it on the community. Clicking a member’s name will take you to their profile page where you can click the button saying “Private Message”. That will take you to the message editor and you can write whomever you want in the community.

Adding other members as friends

Adding members as friends in the community is easy. When you come upon a member, either on the forums, academy groups, the marketplace, etc, you have the option of opening their profile page by clicking their name. Next to their portrait is a button labeled “Add Friend” and if you click that it will send a friend request to that member.

If you would like to browse for members to add as friends, go to the tab named “Members” in the top menu. Here you have a list of all members of the community. When you find someone on the list you would like to add as a friend, simply click their name and click the “Add Friend” button next to their profile picture.

Research Map

Searching and Filtering

To navigate the research map as easily as possible, we have created three different ways of searching and filtering. In the upper right corner of the map, you can find the tools. From left to right, we begin with an overall filtering system where you can choose to either see all entries on the map, all academic entries, or all commercial entries.

To the right of that is the search bar. the search bar has three search parameters; Name (name of university or company) Modality (which iMotions modules clients are using) and Research Area (In which broad research area clients are focusing their research. These functionalities are meant to enable members to find specific clients, clients using the same software modules/hardware are they are or find who’s conducting research in areas of interest to members.

Lastly, we have built a manual filtering system where you can focus your search parameters even more. On both a given modality and pair that with a search on research area – all to make sure that members are able to find the right entries on the map.

How to get on the map

If you think it could be interesting for your university or company to have a feature on the research map, all you have to do is click the link in the lower right corner of the research map and fill out the Google Form you will be directed to. Once you’ve filled it out, we will make sure that your feature will be on the map in a maximum of a few days.