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WELCOME to iMotions! World leader in eye tracking software for Research & Usability. x

Biometric Car Simulator Research Lab @ Stanford University

iMotions Attention Tool platform is now integrated into one of the World’s most sophisticated driving simulator cars at Stanford University. Information from eye tracking, facial expressions and other biosensors was synchronized with the driving simulator events and actions from the driver. This allows researches to see how different situations in traffic impacted the drivers reactions and visual attention.



Better Research – Better Publications

iMotions delivers unprecedented value in human behavior academic research in the areas of Psychology, Consumer Neuroscience, Health, Engineering, Business & Organization & Human Computer Interaction




Better Research – Better Decisions

iMotions is the most robust & easy to use platform to measure non-conscious responses of consumers to predict choice, decisions & the outcome of any type of branding, communication, marketing & media


How iMotions Attention Tool works


Design Study

  • Setup study

  • Setup participants
  • Setup stimuli


Connect Biosensors

  • Best-in-class hardware

  • Plug and play setup
  • Integrate via API


Execute Study

  • Live view monitoring

  • Collect biometric data
  • Auto synchronize data


Analyze Data

  • Replay individual / aggregate

  • Export raw data
  • Export visualizations

iMotions Attention Tool main features

Present all kind of stimuli
All-Stimuli-black-iconPresent to the respondent any combination of images, videos, websites, games, simulators, set specific exposure times or let the respondent change the stimuli

Make sophisticated study designs
Sophisticated-Study-SetupsTotal control and flexibility to make any desired study setup including block designs, group rotations and randomizations to the individual respondent level

Sync eye tracking & biometric sensors
icon-biometric-sensorsSeamlessly integrate and synchronize eye tracking, together with facial coding, EEG, GSR, ECG, EMG and Surveys in the same unified software platform.

Integrate best-in-class biometric hardware
Circle_with_HardwareSeamlessly connect the best biometric equipment in the World. Tobii, ASL, EyeTech, ABM B-Alert & Emotiv, Shimmer and integrate any other sensor through the API

Export visualizations & raw biometric data
Visualization-RawData-ExportData from all biosensors is timestamped, synchronized and shown as real time visualizations in the UI and as raw data .txt exports to import in Excel, MatLab, R, etc…

Replay sessions individually or aggregated 
Quality ManagementLive / real time view, replay, segment and export any session whether it is per individual or per any customized aggregation of respondents


iMotions Attention Tool biometric platform is used by some of the most respected Universities, Corporations,

Market & Neuromarketing Research Agencies and Usability Labs in the World





Susan Rivers
PhD, Deputy Director
Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence

Attention Tool, the biometric research platform from iMotions, allows us to easily get the data we need for our research. iMotions made it an easy choice – being able to combine EEG, the leading facial expression analysis technology, our choice of eye tracking hardware, and GSR so easily out of the box is just something that no one else does. Their support has been great, helping us the entire way. We highly recommend iMotions solutions.

Bob Atkinson
PhD,  Associate Professor
Arizona State University

“In our Advancing Next Generation Learning Environments (ANGLE) lab, we employ state-of-the-art eye tracking systems and a large variety of biometric sensors (EEG, GSR). One of the major obstacles is the process of synchronizing the EEG and GSR signals with the eye tracking data. Fortunately, this is now done automatically in the Attention Tool software. As a result, we save considerable time and, more importantly, secure high quality data.”

Thomas Zoëga Ramsøy
PhD, Head of the Decision Neuroscience Research Group, CBS

“The Attention Tool software platform provides very fast and easy research set-up and data extraction. In addition it offers impressive overall performance when we conduct studies with a substantial number of stimuli (100+). With the fully integrated survey module, Attention Tool has become our preferred lab software for stimulus presentation and response recording, even for studies without eye-tracking”

Some iMotions Attention Tool users are




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