Arousal-Valence index?


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    Hello everyone in the forum:)

    Do someone know of an arousal-valence index that I can cite for a grant proposal?

    I want to to use the GSR and Affectiva output as dependent variable in the analysis

    (general biopsychological emotional response)…do someone know of some kind of index?

    Many thanks


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    Hi Enav,

    The circumplex model we often cite is the one by Russell (1980) [Russell, J. A. (1980). A circumplex model of affect. Journal of personality and social psychology, 39(6), 1161.]

    However, a quick search will give you some more articles using facial movements, GSR and other sensons, also focusing on the dimentional nature of these measurements. Here are some examples to start you off with.

    [Barrett, L. F. (1998). Discrete emotions or dimensions? The role of valence focus and arousal focus. Cognition & Emotion, 12(4), 579-599.

    Torres, C. A., Orozco, Á. A., & Álvarez, M. A. (2013, July). Feature selection for multimodal emotion recognition in the arousal-valence space. In 2013 35th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC) (pp. 4330-4333). IEEE.

    VanOyen Witvliet, Charlotte., & Vrana, S. R. (1995). Psychophysiological responses as indices of affective dimensions. Psychophysiology, 32(5), 436-443.]

    Hope these help! 🙂

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