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WELCOME to iMotions! World leader in eye tracking software for Research & Usability. x



For over a decade Advanced Brain Monitoring (ABM) have been designing and validating novel diagnostic devices and targeted treatment solutions. ABM specializes in the development of interfaces that can be easily applied by the user without assistance to obtain neuro, cardio, and respiratory signals equivalent to those obtained in a laboratory. ABM’s core competence is in the establishment of scientific validity for and commercial adoption of our innovative technologies. Their team has developed nine products and been issued 16 patents with 10 patents pending with the assistance of over $26 million in non-dilutive government R&D funding.



Applied Science Laboratories (ASL) is the recognized authority in the field of eye tracking technology. The Mobile Eye-XG and a comprehensive EYE-TRAC® suite of versatile solutions designed and manufactured by ASL are used worldwide in academic research, market research and industrial markets. ASL’s innovations include: desktop optics with head motion compensation, portable, wearable devices, eye/head integration, long range optics for fMRI and revolutionary data analysis options. With dynamic, scalable and innovative solutions delivered with world-class customer support, ASL continues to be the complete eye tracking hardware, software and professional services provider.


Emotiv is a neuroengineering company that has brought to market a breakthrough interface technology for digital media taking inputs directly from the brain. This technology utterly transforms the way we interact with computers.  Emotiv’s vision is to revolutionize human-computer input in the same way the graphic user interface did 20 years ago. Emotiv is well established with developers and researchers in over 70 countries already working with the technology.


EyeTech is based in Mesa and in was founded in 1996 by Robert Chappell and Melinda Trego. EyeTech has had many successes during its 15 years in the eye tracking industry and been the first in the market to achieve substantial results: First eye tracker to run under Windows, First eye tracker to completely replace the mouse providing functions for movement, clicking, and dragging, First eye tracker to do all the image processing on a general purpose PC, No extra hardware required for processing, First high-accuracy eye tracker to be offered for less than $20,000.


Affectiva grew out of collaborative research at the MIT Media Lab to help people on the autism spectrum.  We apply innovations in affective computing to help solve difficult problems that stem from misunderstanding how people feel. Our customers are people in science and industry  who use new technology that helps improve understanding of emotion. Affectiva envisions a world where effective opt-in emotion measurement and communication increases understanding and improves lives. We strive to transform products, processes and lives by making emotion measurement and communication affordable and respectful. We are committed to building a profitable and thriving business while serving the greater good.


CRG Global with its 12 state-of-the-art docking stations inside shopping malls in the most important cities in the US is iMotion’s preferred data collection partner. CRG’s docking stations are equipped with full licenses of Attention Tool software and Tobii X120 eye trackers, which provides the optimal setup conditions to properly evaluate all kind of media. For more information please contact:



Emotient is the leading authority in facial expression analysis.  Emotient’s flagship product is the FACET ™ SDK, a proven software solution that translates facial expressions into actionable information, thereby enabling a broad array of companies to develop emotionally aware technologies and to create new levels of customer engagement, research and analysis. Founded by the foremost experts in the development of machine learning for facial behavioral analysis, our proprietary technology sets the industry standard for accuracy and real-time delivery of facial expression data and analysis.



Shimmer is the leading provider of wearable wireless sensing technology and solutions. Enabling rapid development of applications, products and services, Shimmer offers complete control over the quality of data capture, interpretation and presentation for each unique use case. Used in over 60 countries, Shimmer overcomes the challenges of size, wearability, reliable communications and low power consumption. Shimmer is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland with an R&D center in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.


Tobii Technology is the world leader in hardware and software solutions for eye tracking – a technology that makes it possible for a computer to know exactly where a user is looking. Tobii solutions for analysis are used in commercial applications to test usability of websites and software and to measure marketing effectiveness. Tobii was founded in 2001 and has since its inception had very strong annual growth with good profitability. A large part of the revenues are reinvested in research and development. For its pioneering technology and products, the company has received a large number of prestigious awards. Tobii has its main office outside Stockholm, Sweden, and subsidiaries in the US, Germany, Norway and Japan. In other markets, Tobii’s products are promoted and sold via distributors worldwide.


Mirametrix was founded in 2008 by Dr. Craig Hennessey. The leadership team has over a decade of experience in eye tracking, with an additional 30 years of experience in related fields including perception-based video technology and image processing. Mirametrix joined the TandemLaunch Technologies program in early 2011. TandemLaunch is a turn-key accelerator for multi-media innovation that provides funding and resources for inventors. These resources have enabled Mirametrix to expand its product and development activities, to continually meet the needs of customers – providing an affordable, easy-to-use eye tracker system. The company is now based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


Gold Certified Partners represent the highest level of competence and expertise with Microsoft technologies, and have the closest working relationship with Microsoft. At this level, the company has access to the resources and support  needed to stand out in the marketplace,including a Technical Services Coordinator, access to the Partner Knowledge Base, priority listing in Microsoft Directories, and other top-level benefits. iMotions has reached Gold Certified Partner after only 4 months of joining the Program. It is a major milestone for the software development team because it reflects their quality of work.


Senso Motoric Instruments (SMI) is a world leader in dedicated computer vision applications, developing and marketing eye & gaze tracking systems and OEM solutions for a wide range of applications such as market and consumer research, usability and ergonomics,human-computer-interfaces, psychology, neurology and ophthalmology. SMI serves customers around the globe from offices in Teltow, near Berlin,Germany and Boston, USA,backed by a network of trusted local partners in many countries.